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Students today are expected to brand themselves digitally and in person. Advantage Communications focuses on personal development, teamwork, empathy, writing, and public speaking to ensure students prepare to enter today's workforce. Advantage communication believes we all have a voice, but it takes practice to feel empowered and to lead. Our students learn how to lead others because they make the most of their resources, networks, and skills to drive their lives and become tomorrow's leaders.

Salvador Tinajero

Founder and CEO


“I wanted to level the playing field for our low income students, and Speech is a way to do so. Coming from an immigrant family with a lot of hardships, nobody believed a kid from Santa Ana would amount to anything. Now, we have the largest speech and debate programming in the OC.We have an amazing support from school districts and a passionate staff, who want to create the best and unique experiences for our students. Our students get to travel the country, which many have never even left their city. More importantly, we’re trying to get colleges to recognize our students as powerhouses, and create connections to pave the way for them to go to college.”

- Sal Tinajero