Our mission is to develop individuals into leaders.


Today's student is expected to brand themselves on social media and in person. Advantage Communications focuses on personal development, teamwork, empathy, writing, and public speaking to ensure students are prepared to enter today's workforce.

We all have a voice, but it takes practice to feel empowered enough to use a variety of platforms and spaces to get a message across. We are here to make sure that students can communicate their ideas, while also effectively listening to other people's thoughts in any setting. 

Leading takes practice. Competitive success for speech, debate, and academia occurs when students know how to set deadlines and expectations for themselves. Our students learn how to lead others because they make the most of their resources, networks, and skills to drive their lives. 

We service districts, foundations, after-school programs, and academies using our carefully crafted curriculum and expert coaching staff.

Students are also welcomed to join Advantage's Speech and Debate team through our academic center in Santa Ana (Redhill and Warner). The Advantage Academic Center also offers multilevel tutoring, test preparation, and academic courses throughout the year.


Contact us to learn more about how we can serve you and your community. 

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