Imanii Giles

Coach Imanii
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Coaches: All Interpretation Events

Specialty: POI, Poetry, Prose, Declamation, & Dramatic Interpretation

Imanii Giles is currently a sophomore at Western Kentucky University. She has been an active competitor in speech for over a decade and is currently continuing that path in college. This is her first year coaching with Advantage, but has more than enough experience to provide an informative coaching experience.

The wellbeing of the performer is an important aspect of Imanii's coaching philosophy. This activity can take a lot of energy out of the performer, and her belief is that no script is more important than the mental, emotional, and physical health of the participants. She stresses healthy practice schedules as well as mindsets that encourages students to accept their mistakes and learn from them. She has reached many state and national finals in Prose, Poetry, Program Oral Interpretation, as well as Dramatic Interpretation.