Israel Beltran Jr.

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SpecialtyPoetry, Prose, Duo, POI, DI

Is Beltrán JR discovered forensics while attending East Los Angeles College. He continued his studies at Eastern Michigan University where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication, Media and Theatre Arts. Israel strives to teach his students how to better understand who they are, share their stories, and master the power of rhetoric.

Being blessed with many opportunities and experiences thanks to forensics, Isra has a strong desire to give back to this activity by being a dedicated coach to his students and giving them the tools to succeed in life and in forensics. Having seven years coaching and helping students achieve many goals, Israel finds teaching being the most rewarding endeavor. His highlights in his 7 years of coaching are the light-bulb moments, when his students in an instance draft an ingenious idea or finally register the knowledge being presented, the awards his students received, the direct acknowledgement from his students, the milestones each student achieves, and the positive impact he’s had.