Miguel Porfirio

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Coach Miguel
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Coaches: All Interpretation Events

Specialty: POI, Poetry, DI

Miguel Porfirio is a Communication Studies graduate from Texas State University. An award-winning speaker and performer in his undergraduate career, he has now transitioned to the role of coach. Some accolades include state championships in POI, National Octofinals in Prose and Poetry, and a national semifinalist in POI. Miguel’s time as a graduate assistant coach saw him coaching a team to state championships, international champions, and a top 20 school national placement.

As a self-taught speaker and performer in speech and debate, Miguel understands the importance of proper guidance in this activity. His passion to pass on the knowledge collected over his time as both a competitor and coach has led him to Advantage. Miguel hopes to instill the importance of personal growth, making connections, and refining skills for the future. Miguel’s coaching philosophy is summarized in one phrase, “to choose your words for a reason”. That is to say, advocacy is important in speech and debate you'll never lose if you advocate and raise awareness for something you care about.