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Coaches: all events

Specialty: Platform, Limited Prep

Mike competed for 3 years in speech and debate with many awards. He placed Bronze impromptu speaker at CCCFA State 2017. Silver impromptu speaker, Bronze parliamentary debater, and Bronze extemporaneous speaker at CCCFA 2018. Additionally, he placed Silver impromptu speaker and Silver extemporaneous speaker at Phi Rho Pi National Tournament in 2018. Community accomplishments are being hired as a Mike has also ben hired as a freelance speech writer for non-profit fundraising events.


Recently, Mike graduated with his Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a minor in Communication Studies. He has now been coaching speech and debate events for 4 years, with many of his students competing at the National tournament. 


Mike's missing is to give students the ability to develop a critical approach to information and argumentative development is crucial to understanding how the world is shaping itself to be. He also believes that it is important for students to understand and listen to others stories, in order to builds empathy and compassion for others.