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SpecialtyDuo, Poi, Prose, Poetry, Hi, Di, Declamation

Hello, everyone my name is Rashon Leday im from Lafayette Louisiana, I am a current member of the WKU Foresnics team and i'm also an alumni of Comeaux High School. I have been doing speech and debate for 7 years now. However I didn’t start competing nationally until the latter end of my freshman year of highschool, by the time I was a sophomore I was locally competing in 6 events and doing extremely well in all of them. Throughout my time in this activity I have had the incredible opportunity to travel across the nation and achieve the wildest dreams of my speech and debate carrer like winning state, qualing for nats or making nats finals. But while travelling I soon began to realize that this activity and the words that I was saying as well as the people I was advocating for and the messages, experiences and artistry of other performers meant so much more than just me or a trophy.