Finny Vuong

Coach Finny
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Coaches: all interpretation and platform events

Specialty: Program events (POI and Poetry)

  Finny began competing in speech in middle school. She was the captain of the Gabrielino High School. After high school she competed for Pasadena City College, and  later received a scholarship to compete at Bradley University. Finny holds multiple State and National out rounds and holds 4 National titles and was ranked top 25 in Overall Individual Sweepstakes.


After graduating with her Bachelors Degree in Organizational Communications from Bradley University, Finny worked for Verizon Wireless and quickly became the youngest member of the Corporate team. She later received her Master’s degree in Strategic Communication, and in 2018 began work with Advantage Communications as the Fullerton District Director. In 2020, her school became a School of Excellence Winner at the NSDA National Tournament.


Finny's mission is to help students develop what they believe, why they believe what they do, and understand perspectives other than their own.