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Private and Small Group Coaching

For those seeking individualized coaching to excel as a beginning, intermediate, and expert competitor.


9 private coaching sessions,

 2 parent/student consultations,

1 student portfolio,

1 workshop entry (redeemable at any time)


6 private coaching sessions,
2 parent and student conferences with the director, 
Student portfolio


One-on-one coaching. The coach focuses on providing individualized instruction and feedback for that student. Together, our staff and the student set goals to prepare for upcoming competitions and performances.


Students work in a small group setting with one of our coaches to develop specific techniques that are unique to the event they are preparing. Group settings are great for family members, as well as partners that would like to work together with one of our coaches.

Large Group Coaching and Classes



Our coaches monitor their communication skills to ensure that students can leave a lasting impression on in any setting. Students can practice in front of an audience, receive feedback, and advice from the coach and their peers. Group coaching allows students to feel like they are part of the Advantage Speech and Debate Team, leading students to feel encouraged to compete to the best of their ability.

Father and daughter at computer


There are four core courses that students can take to ensure success in any activity. Coaches work with students to make sure they have a completed case, speech, and performance for competitions. Students can take one of the following four courses in groups of 8 or less.

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