Advantage Communications:
Student Spotlight

Speech and debate encourages, inspires, and gives students the tools to use their voice. We proudly share with our families, districts, and the community all that our students do with their skills from speech and debate!

MAY 2021: AAPI Heritage Month
(Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month)


     Over the past couple months, people have been verbally and physically hurting Asian American and pacific islanders because of hate towards them.

This month is a really important month for me, to consider all of the people who have been hurt. 

       Speech and debate really helped me be able to reach people who are unaware of the situation, and to those who don’t think much of it. It is hard to reach out to more than a couple people at once, but through speech and debate, I was able to reach out to all the people who watched my speech. 

     My performance teaches the audience how stereotypes are a type of racism, when different races are separated by expectations towards each group.



To me, AAPI month means a month to be proud

of myself, my culture and my ancestors. 


       In speech and debate people have to listen to you. My speech advocates for me and the AAPI community, and when people are required to listen, they will hear what I have to say.

     The speech and debate community, or anyone, really, can learn to avoid being ignorant about others' pasts, as well as their own. They can learn to educate themselves about the past, and how we got to this present; and to be more inclusive to everyone around them.


      Speech and Debate has helped me advocate for the AAPI community because it helps me know the importance of communicating and how to speak. Advocating for the AAPI community is about communication, and speech and debate helps me do exactly that through all the skills I learned.

     From my speech the community can realize how important it is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Being kind and compassionate is how we use morality in our everyday lives and in voicing our opinions in serious issues.


Hyuk (Kevin) Hurr